Zero Stress Massage


I have had several people do my massages over the years but Jodie is absolutely the best! I always look forward to going and I love the serene environment that she provides. I know I give her a workout sometimes but the benefits are great for me. She is a beautiful person inside and out.



With being a heavy truck mechanic for several years, meeting Jodi was a god sent. She knows how to work out the knots n kinks in my feet, legs, and hands. If your on your feet all day you need to check out Zero Stress Massage. She can do wonders for you entire body. Great lady, friendly and professional, highly recommended!



Jodie was the first person I ever got a massage from and I was a little apprehensive, but she has very calm energy and I have been a fan ever since. My favorite is Reiki because it really relaxes me and I don't relax easily. She is very intuitive, lets you talk if you wish or enjoy silence with soothing music. I highly reccomend her, you won't regret it